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Mole check

Moles and why they need to be checked?

Generally moles are harmless. But a profound knowledge of moles and their regular checks are fundamental requirements in the prevention and timely treatment of developing serious malignant tumors: the malignant melanoma.

In recent years, a significant increase of the aggressive malignant melanoma has been observed. It can grow on an existing mole or, more frequently  on healthy skin. For the diagnosis of the tumor, its microstructure is of particular importance. Thanks to new technological developments in recent years, it has become possible for a dermatologist to diagnose these tumors already at a very early stage  and to initiate the therapy in time. Thanks to this early intervention a pre- or early stage melanoma can be avoided or healed.

For a computerized videographic image documentation of the moles (body mapping), we offer a modern system (microDERM D120 ®) with special precision optics which allow for an accurate assessment and documentation of the clinical picture in highest HD-quality.


Advantages of the systematic early recognition of skin cancer - Videodermoscope

  • The dermatologist can discern even the smallest variation of moles with a15 – 120fold magnification
  • In particular, patients with multiple moles benefit from videodermatoscopy, as all moles can be saved in the macro-and microstructure
  • Thanks to regular monitoring, moles with increased risk can be recognized and unnecessary excisions of harmless moles can be avoided


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